seven.dos. Binary Dependencies – Is based , Recommends , Suggests , Advances , Pre-Would depend ¶


seven.dos. Binary Dependencies – Is based , Recommends , Suggests , Advances , Pre-Would depend ¶

Remember that the newest digital package relationship sphere such Is based arrive in one of the digital bundle parts of the brand new handle file, while the fresh build-day dating including Create-Depends appear in the main cause bundle part of the control file (the earliest part)

Bundles can declare within control document they own particular dating to many other bundles – like, which they can’t be hung meanwhile once the certain almost every other packages, and/or that they confidence the presence of someone else.

This is accomplished making use of the Is based , Pre-Depends , Recommends , Indicates , Advances , Holidays and you may Conflicts manage sphere. Vacations try discussed from inside the Packages and that split almost every other bundles – Vacations , and you can Issues try revealed inside Contradictory digital bundles – Issues . The others is actually discussed less than.

With the exception of Improves and you can Vacation trips, they look on established (binary) package’s control file. ( Advances seems on suggesting package’s control document, and Trips appears from the variety of relied-into the bundle that causes the fresh titled package to break).

A will be based job requires impression on condition that a package is always to getting designed. It does not avoid a deal getting into system during the an unconfigured county if you are its dependencies was unsatisfied, and it is you can to displace a package whoever dependencies are came across and you can that is safely strung that have another version whose dependencies aren’t and should not end up being met; if this is completed this new mainly based package might be kept unconfigured (since the tries to configure it will promote problems) and will not means properly. When it is needed, a beneficial Pre-Is based industry can be utilized, which has a limited effect regardless if a great deal will be unpacked, as the explained in more detail lower than. (Others about three dependency industries, Advises , Indicates and you may Improves , are only utilized by various front side-ends to dpkg such as for example suitable-score , abilities , and you may dselect .)

Since the Would depend merely urban centers requirements on the purchase where packages try configured, bundles into the an installation focus on are usually all unpacked earliest and all designed later on. 3

If there’s a curved dependence certainly one of bundles being strung or eliminated, installment otherwise reduction order honoring the dependence buy was impossible, requiring new reliance loop feel broken will ultimately as well as the dependence criteria violated for at least you to plan. Bundles doing work in round dependencies may not be capable depend on their dependencies being set up in advance of they are set up, according to and this region of the break of your rounded dependency circle it happen to be to the. If one of one’s packages in the loop has no postinst script, then the period could well be broken at this package; which means that most of the postinst scripts are running the help of its dependencies securely set up if this is you can. If not the brand new breaking part are random. Packages will be therefore end circular dependencies where you can easily, particularly when they have postinst scripts.

This declares an outright reliance. A deal may not be set up unless every bundles listed in their Is based industry were precisely set up (unless of course there’s a circular dependence due to the fact discussed more than).

These types of seven areas are widely used to state a dependency relationship by the one to bundle towards the some other

Brand new Depends field will likely be utilized in case your relied-towards bundle is required with the situated package to provide an excellent tremendous amount off capabilities.

The Would depend profession should be utilized if your postinst or prerm programs require relied-on bundle to-be unpacked or set up so you can focus on. Regarding postinst configure , the new depended-to the packages would be unpacked and you will designed earliest. (If the each other packages are involved in a habits circle, this could perhaps not work as expected; understand the reason a few sentences back.) When it comes to prerm or other postinst strategies, the box dependencies will generally end up being about unpacked, nonetheless is generally only “Half-Installed” if the a past improve of your own dependence were unsuccessful.

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